If you want a brief overview of all the new units in the game in a readme file, go here and download documentation.rar. The file also contains a credit list for all assets used in the mod, for those who are interested.


We still have your favorite two factions, but with an extra one thrown in for a little fun! Click on the names for more detailed info about the factions.


This is my current storyline. Since this is Beta and the campaign won't be finished for awhile this is subject to change, but I think that this will work for now. Anyways:

With the war over, and Yuri sealed away in time forever, it seems like mankind can once again rest in peace. The mutual alliance created between the Allies and Soviets has surprisingly held.
Now, in the aftermath of a devastating era of conflicts, there is finally a resting period where the world can recuperate and bring itself back to the way it was before the whole mess of the world wars happened.
However, The legacy of Yuri isn't completely dead just yet. Yuri had a special research and development team, who call themselves "PROSELYTE", and they still have the weapons and the resources to fight.
Despite them being under Yuri's command, the Proselyte Division is quite different than Yuri's own army. They have tons of 'otherworldly' technologies, but none consist of Yuri's psychics, mutagenics, kinetics, or the like. It is like a new faction entirely.
Nonetheless, after Yuri's defeat, they are bent on nothing more or less than the utter destruction of the nations that sealed Yuri away. The world must once again brace itself for a catastrophic conflict.
The Avengers may also attempt to steal our time machine, or replicate its technology. We may have to use our own time machine, given we still have it, to battle thiers.


The mod is very much like an expansion pack to Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. What the mod focuses on gameplay-wise was really cleaning up the balance in the game; if you were a very experienced player like I was, you would agree that there were many gameplay issues. Another focus on the mod was adding new units wherever necessary. For instance, the soviets get a main airforce now (besides kirovs and choppers), both factions get an APC, brand new anti tank infantry (which really helps infantry equal tanks on the battlefield) and heavy infantry that decimate other infantry at close ranges. Another addition to the mod was an extra tier of units. The Allies and the Soviets are both different in the new techs. The allies get very advanced aircraft, like the Laser Chopper and the EMP bomber. The Soviets get new experimental weapons, like the Lightning Storm Tank, the EMP Tank, and the stealthy Flame Wall Tank.