The Proselyte Division began as a small, secret research division of Yuri's higher officers and Acolytes. The team was created and funded by Yuri himself to advance the technology behind thier conventional weapons, and create technologies such as plasma shells, flaming artillery shells, mini tactical nuke bombs, and EMP disruptors. Since Yuri's capture, this team rounded up the small broken divisions of Yuri's initiate forces, equipped them with the state of the art technology they have spent years developing, and came out to wage war against the Allies and Soviets, in an attempt to capture the chrono prison in which Yuri was trapped and free Yuri to have another shot at world domination.

Proselyte boats fast and versatile units with powerful upgrades, with many units capable of hovering over water for an amphibious assault. Their aircraft are fast and light, and they have a fast and hard hitting, but lightly armored navy. At thier top tier of units, they get two units that abuse chrono technology; the Chrono Rift Tank, a chronoshifting tank that releases chrono ripples to damage enemies, and a Meteor Strike Tank that can call for a satellite to chronoshift a meteor to come crashing down on any building